Coinless eliminates the need for your customer to deal with ca*h - yes, that is a 4-letter word around here! By going mobile, the process of starting a wash has never been simpler.

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Customer Device

In just a couple of clicks, your customer pays for their wash on their smartphone.

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Smart Switch

An easy to install Coinless device receives that purchase information immediately.

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...and voil√°!

Just like that, their wash starts and they will never have to deal with coins again!

Mobile Payments

In this tech era, mobile payments are the only way to go! Say goodbye to ca*h forever.

Loyalty Programs

Keep customers coming back with a simple loyalty program. No expensive equipment needed.

Membership Programs

Get paid rain or shine with monthly memberships with rewards your customers can't say no to.

Business Analytics

Review your business at a glance. Our simple reports analyze sales data, customer info, and more.

Reputation Marketing

Take control of your online reviews by helping positive customer experiences turn into positive online reviews.

Remote Management

Start, stop, or even refund washes without setting a foot on property! Customer service can now be done from anywhere.

Partner Locations

Welcome to Coinless Mobile

Weather or Not

Winter is coming, but with Coinless, you don't really care. The Coinless solution offers your frequent customers a way to save by signing up for a monthly, auto-pay subscription. Converting customers into members gives you something you've never imagined possible before: a steady stream of revenue, month over month. Take that, weather.

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Know Your Customer

Did you ever wish you could just send a thank-you note to all your customers? Or maybe you wanted to give them a free wash for Christmas. Bulk emailing is a powerful way to connect with all your customers, whenever you want. Coinless finally gives that power to the self-serve car-wash owner.


See what car wash owners like you are saying about Coinless.


Coinless has made my job easier. Now when a machine "eats" a customer's dollar bill, I can turn on the bay remotely to avoid a refund and make the customer happy.

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I've never experienced an easier installation than I did with Coinless.

Welcome to Coinless Mobile

I like that I can remotely turn my wash equipment on from anywhere in the world and at all 16 of my washes. My Wash Club and Loyalty programs are fully transferable to all of my locations. It's a great solution for multi-site owners.

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Tech Support: +1 (801) 899-0183

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With Coinless, your car wash experience just got easier. Pay for your wash, collect loyalty rewards, learn about specials, view receipts, and communicate with the car-wash owner - all from the convenience of your phone.

Welcome to Coinless MobileWelcome to Coinless Mobile
Welcome to Coinless Mobile