In the early stages of Coinless, we decided to bulk order a few variations of our “Station Identifier” signs in order to lower costs for us and our partner locations . Following an onboarding call with a new partner, we would print the corresponding QR code stickers for that location’s signs, stick them, and ship. Seems reasonable, right?

Not quite.

A few months after the shipment and installation of the first signs, we received an influx of support calls and emails from our partner operators. The issue? Our QR stickers…not so sticky after all. High pressure rinse, chemicals and soap; sun, rain, and for some sites, snow. A perfect recipe for the signs to let those QR stickers go.

Although this mistake was relatively small, replacing the stickers cost us and our partner operators valuable time & resources. Now, all station identifiers come with printed QR codes, and the addition of our new signage website has made for a quick, easy and seamless experience for our operators. A solution that’s sure to stick!


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