Cougar Car Wash is a self serve car wash with 6 bays and 12 vacuums Located in The Colony, Texas.  It is ran by Steve and Tamera Westervelt, they bought the car wash from Steves father and have been managing it since 2003.  Tamera needed an easy to use payment system that could easily install with their current equipment.

Limited Payment issues

Tamera knew that she was losing out on potential revenue and limiting her customers to only paying with quarters.

“Our biggest challenge was keeping enough quarters in the coin changers. If one of our two coin changers had an issue, customers had no other way to pay for services”.

Customers were always asking if they had credit card machines that they could get cash from.  Tamera saw an opportunity for customers to have an alternative payment method, so they wouldn’t have to stress about how much money they needed to bring to get a wash. Customers often ran out of money before they could finish washing their car.


Deciding to try Coinless

We met Steve at the South West Car Wash Show in Texas.  They were planning a remodel for the car wash and liked what Coinless had to offer.

“We considered swipe method for credit card payments” the problem was they did not have very much room to add credit card swipers to their doors easily. 

Coinless allowed them to install the devices in their pump room avoiding that issue all together.

“We also liked the portal where we can see customer activity and easily refund or give credits.”

With the Coinless App customers can select and pay for services directly from their phone.  The best part is the hardware is an easy to install retro fit solution that works with your current equipment.

Making an impact on customer resolution

Coinless is actually a great resource for customers to contact us through the app if there is an issue with equipment or a service. The reviews are also helpful for repair issues, especially to track that equipment is actually acting up and it is not just a user error or customer complaint. It is such a great way to provide credits, but to also know a credit is really due.

Marketing is something I am beginning to use, I ran a promotion on facebook and gave away 50 credits to a Coinless user user that liked out facebook. This increased our customers sharing our location with other people.



Customers at Cougar Car Wash love using the app because they do not carry cash.

“I get almost a customer a day telling me how much they love the app”

It’s been a great way for Tamera to advertise a Covid safe touch free payment option because customers can pay for washes directly from their phone.

Average ticket has been higher with Coinless.

Coinless is now about 1/3 of their total business.

Customers are more likely to contact them about issues and have a positive end result because they respond quickly.

Connor Peterson

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