Loyalty is defined as a strong feeling of support or allegiance, but how does this relate to car
washes? Car wash owners are consistently competing against other locations to win over loyal
customers. A car wash customer will always find a way to dirty their car, but owners want their
location to be top of mind when this happens. When it comes to winning over customers, a well
structured car wash loyalty program could tip the scales.
One of the best ways to keep your business busy and your customers sticky, regardless of the
weather, is by setting up your Coinless Loyalty Program. The Coinless Loyalty Program is a
powerful tool that car wash owners can use to encourage and increase customer loyalty. Here is
how it works:

1. Log in to your Coinless Owner Portal account
2. Under Configuration on the left side of the screen, select the Loyalty tab. It will look
like this:

3. Once in the Loyalty tab, an owner can see their loyalty program settings, as well as turn
their loyalty program on and off. If “Loyalty Program” is switched to “Off”, press the “click

on toggle button” to turn the loyalty program On. We encourage all owners to utilize this
loyalty program feature.

4. Now that you are in the Loyalty tab and you have turned the program to On, you will be
able to see the Money-to-Point Ratio:

The Money to Point Ratio shows owners how many Dollars a customer must spend to
earn a single Point. In the program pictured above, for every dollar a Coinless customer
spends, the customer will earn one point. Both the Money and the Point sides can be
adjusted by the owner.

The Money to Point Ratio can also serve as a promotional tool for owners. By changing
the ratio to 1:2, owners can entice customers into their washes by offering “double
points” on certain days. To clarify, by adjusting the Money to Point Ratio, owners can
change the ratio from 1 point per dollar spent, to two points per dollar spent at the push
of a button. When owners are using Coinless, implementing promotions is just that

5. The next metric of the Loyalty program that owners must understand is the Points-to-
Credit Threshold (pictured below). Say a customer has accumulated fifty points, which would
meet the requirements of the Points-to-Credit Threshold shown below. This triggers the
system to convert every earned point (50) into credits that they can spend as virtual money. Of
course, customers must meet this threshold before this reward is given. In other words, the
customer will have to spend 50 dollars to earn 50 points.

But what are these points worth?

6. Finally, owners must understand the process by which earned points are converted back into
spendable credits. This can be done by adjusting the Point-to-Credit Ratio:

Assuming a Point-to-Credit Ratio of 10:1 and a Points -to-Credit Threshold of 50 points,
customers would then receive 1 credit to spend at that location per 10 points that they have
earned. Again, if the Points to Credit Threshold is 50, then points will not convert into credits
until a customer has earned 50 points. In other words, a Coinless user will spend $50 and get
$5 in credits.

At Coinless, we believe that rewarding customers for their consistent business incentivizes them
to keep coming back. However, Loyalty is only one of the many tools that Coinless has to offer.
For more information on car wash marketing, car wash owner best practices and more, check
out our blog for more!


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