Here at Coinless, I often get this question:

What does the Coinless platform provide that its competitors don’t?

It’s a solid question. I love how it gets to the point. The answer is…wait for it…I’m not sure, since I don’t know everything our competitors provide for certain. For one, it’s hard to find another mobile carwash app that does exactly the same things Coinless does. Furthermore, I’ve noticed other carwash apps like to promote they have things they actually don’t upon deeper inspection. Frankly, the best way to answer the question is a short phone call (I’ve provided our phone number at the end of this article). But since some not all people want to jump straight on a sales call, here’s a list of what I would consider the Coinless MVFs (Most Valuable Features):

  • End-to-End Point of Sale – Coinless dangles the proverbial carrot to your customers at every step in the transaction flow: $5 credit to download the app and create your account ($10 in AU/NZ); now use those credits with your first purchase; now give us immediate feedback; now have some loyalty points for your purchase; now refer your friends to earn points; oh, and have you seen how to become a WashClub member?… It’s all built right into an intuitive flow and it provides endless benefits for operators and customers alike. The value is in the data. That’s what the Coinless POS is designed to get. Which brings us to the next point.
  • Data-Driven Reporting – The customer information we gather from customers, is your information. Through our Owner Portal, we give you all your customers’ information, including full name, email, phone number, and all activity. We provide data insights to help you make data-driven decisions, and keep a reel-time eye on your business’s success. 
  • Loyalty Program – Our loyalty program is as basic as it gets, which ensures customers get it, and understand how their loyalty brings them value.
  • Wash Club – Monthly subscriptions are all the rage. But for a self-serve/automatic wash operator, the hardware overhead is daunting. Our wash club solution is based on virtual credits stored in the cloud. This solves three problems that often plague monthly subscription strategies: (1) no additional hardware or on-going maintenance costs, i.e. RFID tags and readers or License-Plate-Reader cameras, (2) no limitation on services, that is, Coinless Wash Club allows your customers to use their credits on any and all your services–it’s not limited to just your automatic bays, and finally (3) no more abuse; since our Wash Club solution simply functions on issued credits that you have agreed to give the customer, there’s no way they can abuse the system–they can’t spend beyond what you’ve agreed to give them. As an additional point of clarification, this service comes as part of the basic software package. There is no revenue share, no cost-per-member fee, nothing but additional monthly revenue for you, the operator.
  • Easy Marketing – Coinless provides easy-to-use marketing functionality through its owner portal. You can quickly find your current customers and invite new customers to your wash. You can send them messages any time, gift them credits any time, announce a promotion any time, and all these outbound messages go straight to your customers’ mobile devices where response rates are always highest.
  • Fleet Management – This is our latest feature add and we think it’s a game changer for your fleet accounts. You can customize your fleets any way you like them–pre-billing, post-billing, variable rates on drivers, custom cadences, automatic billing and invoice generation, etc. If you’ve got fleet customers, you’ll want to see what our fleet management tool can do to simplify your life.

The features above represent the tip of the iceberg for the powerful features the Coinless platform offers. We hope you’re interested, and would love to chat with you soon about getting you started with Coinless.

Check out our onboarding process at this link:

Call us at this number to talk with a real human: (801) 899-0183

Remember friends, keep it clean and easy. 🙂


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