We recently walked one of our car wash operators through a marketing campaign, wherein he sent a short message to ALL OF HIS CUSTOMERS, explaining to his new FREE CONDITIONAL PRICING on vacuums. His customers can now unlock free vacuum services, by either joining Wash Club or buying any other wash service on his lot. The reception has been incredible. Here’s just one example of one of the many responses he’s received from his customers!:

We’ve seen the following responses from his customers:

  • “Amazing! Best car wash ever.”
  • “This is so cool. Thanks, Rex!”
  • “You just keep making things better with this app!”
  • “Love it! I’ll be in today!”

…and many more. It’s a solid one-two punch: (1) Offer your vacuums for free based on the condition(s) of your choice, and (2) use it as a way to engage all your customers and bring them in excited for a great deal and a cleaner car. The one-two jab leads to the a hook. Your customers will be hooked on your car wash, and the amazing new services you’re bringing them, thanks to the Coinless app and solution software.

Keep it clean and easy, friends.


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