Today, I spoke briefly with a car wash owner who will soon be on Coinless. He said a very nice lady was taking all of his quarters last week. She kept pumping five-dollar bills into his change machine, and her pile of bills seemed endless. He finally decided to walk over and ask her if she planned on spending those coins at his car wash. “Of course!”, she said. Later, she drove to the vacuums, bought $1.50 in vacuum time, and drove off with her pile of change.

Fast forward a few days, this car wash owner looked in his change machine and saw he had collected about $5000 in 5-dollar bills in about 4-5 days time. This was a lot for him. When he took his change to the bank, he found out change is in short supply right now. Just another strange shortage created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Luckily for him, Coinless exists. His plan to address the issue is a sign near his change machine, calling customers’ attention to the app, and educating customers on the safety and convenience of paying with an app on their phones. Not to mention, cash is pretty gross. Here’s another article on the importance of mobile payment options in a world where infectious diseases seem more determined to spread than ever.

The short of it this: When the whole country is going Coinless, join them.

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