How Cougar Car wash is increasing revenue and adding an amazing customer experience with Coinless

Cougar Car Wash is a self serve car wash with 6 bays and 12 vacuums Located in The Colony, Texas.  It is ran by Steve and Tamera Westervelt, they bought the car wash from Steves father and have been managing it since 2003.  Tamera needed an easy to use payment system that could easily install with their current equipment.

Limited Payment issues

Tamera knew that she was losing out on potential revenue and limiting her customers to only paying with quarters.

“Our biggest challenge was keeping enough quarters in the coin changers. If one of our two coin changers had an issue, customers had no other way to pay for services”.

Customers were always asking if they had credit card machines that they could get cash from.  Tamera saw an opportunity for customers to have an alternative payment method, so they wouldn’t have to stress about how much money they needed to bring to get a wash. Customers often ran out of money before they could finish washing their car.


Deciding to try Coinless

We met Steve at the South West Car Wash Show in Texas.  They were planning a remodel for the car wash and liked what Coinless had to offer.

“We considered swipe method for credit card payments” the problem was they did not have very much room to add credit card swipers to their doors easily. 

Coinless allowed them to install the devices in their pump room avoiding that issue all together.

“We also liked the portal where we can see customer activity and easily refund or give credits.”

With the Coinless App customers can select and pay for services directly from their phone.  The best part is the hardware is an easy to install retro fit solution that works with your current equipment.

Making an impact on customer resolution

Coinless is actually a great resource for customers to contact us through the app if there is an issue with equipment or a service. The reviews are also helpful for repair issues, especially to track that equipment is actually acting up and it is not just a user error or customer complaint. It is such a great way to provide credits, but to also know a credit is really due.

Marketing is something I am beginning to use, I ran a promotion on facebook and gave away 50 credits to a Coinless user user that liked out facebook. This increased our customers sharing our location with other people.



Customers at Cougar Car Wash love using the app because they do not carry cash.

“I get almost a customer a day telling me how much they love the app”

It’s been a great way for Tamera to advertise a Covid safe touch free payment option because customers can pay for washes directly from their phone.

Average ticket has been higher with Coinless.

Coinless is now about 1/3 of their total business.

Customers are more likely to contact them about issues and have a positive end result because they respond quickly.


The One-Two Jab of Marketing & Free Conditional Pricing Through the Coinless App

We recently walked one of our car wash operators through a marketing campaign, wherein he sent a short message to ALL OF HIS CUSTOMERS, explaining to his new FREE CONDITIONAL PRICING on vacuums. His customers can now unlock free vacuum services, by either joining Wash Club or buying any other wash service on his lot. The reception has been incredible. Here’s just one example of one of the many responses he’s received from his customers!:

We’ve seen the following responses from his customers:

  • “Amazing! Best car wash ever.”
  • “This is so cool. Thanks, Rex!”
  • “You just keep making things better with this app!”
  • “Love it! I’ll be in today!”

…and many more. It’s a solid one-two punch: (1) Offer your vacuums for free based on the condition(s) of your choice, and (2) use it as a way to engage all your customers and bring them in excited for a great deal and a cleaner car. The one-two jab leads to the a hook. Your customers will be hooked on your car wash, and the amazing new services you’re bringing them, thanks to the Coinless app and solution software.

Keep it clean and easy, friends.


Don’t Touch That Cash!

Today, I spoke briefly with a car wash owner who will soon be on Coinless. He said a very nice lady was taking all of his quarters last week. She kept pumping five-dollar bills into his change machine, and her pile of bills seemed endless. He finally decided to walk over and ask her if she planned on spending those coins at his car wash. “Of course!”, she said. Later, she drove to the vacuums, bought $1.50 in vacuum time, and drove off with her pile of change.

Fast forward a few days, this car wash owner looked in his change machine and saw he had collected about $5000 in 5-dollar bills in about 4-5 days time. This was a lot for him. When he took his change to the bank, he found out change is in short supply right now. Just another strange shortage created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Luckily for him, Coinless exists. His plan to address the issue is a sign near his change machine, calling customers’ attention to the app, and educating customers on the safety and convenience of paying with an app on their phones. Not to mention, cash is pretty gross. Here’s another article on the importance of mobile payment options in a world where infectious diseases seem more determined to spread than ever.

The short of it this: When the whole country is going Coinless, join them.

Give us a call to learn how easy and affordable it is to go Coinless: (801) 899-0183


Truly Touchless in the time of the Coronavirus

In a society that generally thrives on connection, we are currently in a unique time where we are looking to decrease connection at every point possible. The effects of Covid-19 have been felt throughout the world, especially across all small business categories.

The Coinless app makes it possible for self-serve car wash companies to offer a truly touchless experience. No need to exit your car, press any buttons, or even roll your window down! Simply drive up to the wash bay, select the wash location and service on the Coinless app, and let the cleaning begin.

For information on how your wash can become truly touchless, please email